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Welcome to xBlackWatchx


We are an online community of dedicated Xbox gamers. We were founded on one underlying principle - RESPECT.
Respect for our fellow gamers, and respect for the games we play.

Along with respect comes a core value that we strongly believe in and foster: MATURITY. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and expect all of our members to do the same. That means no trash talking, no verbal abuse, or things of that nature.

One of our many goals is to bring gaming to the next level. We want to create an exciting and friendly place for all gamers to have fun and make new friends.

We have an awesome staff of dedicated gamers who keep the website constantly updated, run clan tournaments, and provide constant feedback and support in all areas of gaming culture.

 Our primary division is focused on the Battlefield and Call of Duty game series on the Xbox One. We have squads that cover every possible gametype, from Core to Hardcore, including Team Deathmatch to Objective and beyond!

We have many exciting inner clan events on a frequent basis which include squad vs squad scrimmages, awesome player-created game types, and much more!

If you want to take gaming to the next level, and meet many new friends along the way then feel free to register on the website and fill out an application to join. Thank you for visiting our website headquarters!